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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

ALEKS Review by Macey
"This learning program is garbage. It only sets your child up with stress and unhealthy frustration. I have used ALEKS and it has made cry because of the amount of frustration I've experianced, as well as lacking sleep because I am stressed that I won.."
"In using this software with my children I noticed inappropriate and sexist content, as well as lack of rigor. I reported this to my school and they discontinued the program. Our Department of Education did a curriculum review and found discriminatory.."
"Terrible grammar books. Books are too expensive..."
"I find Seton's curriculum is truly a Catholic curriculum. It does not waiver from Christ"s teaching on Faith and the family. It is authentically Catholic in emphasizing a pro- life and morally sound formation a child needs to live in right rel.."
K¹² Review by Juli
"I have a child in third grade and one in sixth grade in K12, CAVA Los Angeles. I am seriously disappointed in the school. The third grade teacher does virtually no teaching. We have one 45 minute Language arts class per week and one 45 minute math .."
ALEKS Review by Emma Kirkpatrick
"This "learning" system is garbage. My child struggles with learning disabilities and this program does NOT help one bit! I can't tell you how many hours he spends just trying to complete his assignments. What used to take an hour or two now takes him.."
Calvert Review by Cecilia
"If you can work up to eight hours a day and finish more than twenty-five assignments in one week, then this program is for you. As a student myself, the program is time-consuming, and instead of focusing on learning, you focus on finished all the to-.."
"I am a 8th grade student and all I can say is that this program is absolutely terrible. I have nothing positive to say about this because I learned nothing and it is VERY boring and its just torture have to sit there for more than four hours trying t.."
"This curricula is full of religious indoctrination, sexist, and racist content. Don't use it if you care about actual history or science..."
"LOVE! We used their Around the World with Picture books part 1 with our children aged 2, 6, and 8. All the kids had a great time learning at their levels. This study guide goes way beyond picture books and kids learn a lot about the world around th.."
ALEKS Review by Emily
"ALEKS is by far THE WORST website I have ever used in my entire life. I am getting so mad just by writing this review. If you get a question wrong it SENDS YOU BACKWARDS AND YOU LOSE YOUR PROGRESS!!! This is the most aggravating thing ever. There are.."
K¹² Review by Petar
"They told me my daughter failed when I have Screenshot proofs of him getting really good grades. Its also very hard to get a hold of someone for help. They are constantly having issues with their system..."
Alpha Omega Academy Review by Danna Van Buren
"Review by Danna Van Buren.."
"I do not recommend Math U See for algebra I or II, geometry or trig. The video teaching by Steve Demme is severely lacking. It’s like watching a clip of an entire video that still wouldn’t be useful. The textbook is poorly organized and lacks suf.."
ABCmouse Review by Greg Talbot
"I bought a year subscription about a year ago. My kids became quickly bored with it so I went in and cancelled it. I had paid for a year so there is nothing I can do about it. They contacted me this week saying that my card was not going through. Thi.."
"My daughter is in 1st Grade and is 6 years old. The law states that public schools teaching religion is unconstitutional. Several of the sections in History 1 Summit Unit 2: Lesson 5: gods of ancient egypt are pushing beliefs that very strongly.."
"One child is using the self paced course and the other did the LIVE course. Both classes do not invoke any love for math (despite one coming in with it). It is rather full and repetitive. The Christian perspective is odd at best and seems forced onto.."
"We’re using this as our primary curriculum during the pandemic. Full disclosure: I am not a typical homeschool mom. My kids will return to school when it’s safe to do so. That said, I have a love/hate relationship with this company and program.."
"This program is so behind boring and does not capture the students interest to learn. Not user friendly and over all I’d give it a 0-10 not worth the money.."
ALEKS Review by Isabel
"I don’t think it offers student an authentic learning experience and does not allow them to create..."
"It’s ok but little slower than the actual school grade. I think if you make it double click would better than dragging the letters to fill-in to make the word! Overall it’s a very good educational apps for students..."
ALEKS Review by James
"Absolutely terrible, this is the worst program I have EVER used in my life. The creators of MANY of these problems can't even round in there solutions so you never know if you actually get it correct because of their poor rounding. I would NEVER reco.."
K¹² Review by Bryce
"My child is coming from one of the best school districts in our state, yet he still complains that K12 is more work than he had previously. Really, it varies greatly. Some days, he's done after only 2-3 hours of work. Other days, he'll spend up to.."
"As an on-and-off homeschooler up through high school, I've experienced both in-person school, and homeschooling. Thus, I've had basically the best of both worlds. The Abeka online program (for 12th grade), however, has been a horrible experience. .."
K¹² Review by Piccola
"There is way too much work for these kids. Every assignment has book work plus computer work. There aren't any teachers teaching the kids. The parents have to be the teacher. It doesn't make sense that there are teachers but they don't do anything an.."
"My 14 yr son is a current student in 8th grade. As we live in a rural area, his middle school was equipped to transition to online format when COVID-19 hit. As a result, I signed him with LUOA as it was an accredited online private Christian school.."
Calvert Review by Jonathan T
"It is like others say, Boring ,but the curicculum seemed "OK", My daughter like me is stubborn at times, so better to be taught by another, we found out ,but this did take a little time, so at the 30 day mark we decide to get our daughter enrolled wi.."
Abeka Academy Review by Justice Whitaker
"We are Christians but this program is out there. My child got so upset at the history teacher because she was talking negative about other religions. They make everything about God. The history doesn't talk about slavery as it was. They only talk .."
Abeka Academy Review by Anna Cheney
"One of the WORST homeschool curriculums out there. Overall, I'm not talking just material, as a whole. No good..."
"I loved the foundations curriculum for CC, but found their customer support very poor. If you are stuck with an inept tutor or director, you will be politely reminded that their are no refunds. If an egregious deed has to you by a CC tutor on a CC .."
Time4Learning Review by Dorinda Kay Grandbois
"MS Earth Science, HS Physics, Art 1. These are SO boring. As a teacher, they do exactly what I try to AVOID in my classes. They read their lectures, These have terrible and boring graphics and have few to no actual interactive activities. The note ta.."
"Time4learning is affordable, and overall a good curriculum. However, I have had some problems. As many people are saying, it does not work on a tablet, which is inconvenient. On certain lessons, I've noticed that they either taught you wrong, o.."
Abeka Academy Review by Sharian Stacy
"There are so many quizzes and tests ! An average day takes us one on one from 8:30 to 4:30 sometimes later ! NO customer service !!! I’ve called 3 days in a row and receive a “closed” message. I emailed over a week ago ! NO Response !!! My anxi.."
"I enrolled my son in four time4writing courses. He is a highly motivated student and dedicated significant time and effort to completing each course. I have not noticed any improvements in his writing. Before signing up for a fourth course, I ema.."
"Time4Learning was recommended to us by my brother and his family. They use this as their sole curriculum and have loved it so far so we figured we would give it a try as this is our first year homeschooling our children ourselves. So far the progra.."
"We used Shurley’s English for 2nd grade. I do not like it at all. The jingles are cute. The memorization, especially for capitalization rules seems pointless to me. I don’t care if my child knows which rule is which just as long as she knows the .."
"I hate Singapore math.."
Abeka Review by Ronna Neal
"I loved doing ABeka parent led books grades 5-8. It was great especially in math and loved the extra sheets of questions that we could either do if needing practice or we would move on once she knew the material. Loved the box of flashcards and we ke.."
"Their customer service is trash. I’m on hold for over an hour and still don’t get people to talk too about urgent problems. Emails aren’t responded to, phone calls aren’t answered. They close before 3 everyday this year, and open after 7 ofte.."
ALEKS Review by Jayden H.
"I am a dual-credit student who attends a difficult high school. As of right now, I am enrolled in a Pre-calc/Trigonometry Class in college. The class uses ALEKS as a way to "teach" students how to do different topics in the class. We are assigned 70-.."
"I am very disappointed in the Seton Text books. The first grade science book is not "Science " at all. If children washed their hand as much as Seton Science says they should, they would never build an immune system and they would be sick far more o.."
"I have read many of the negative comments on this threat and it was mind-blowing. I signed my nephew up with LUOA and he has learned more in 3 weeks than in 3 months in public school. The content is very advanced and challenging. We were actually con.."
K¹² Review by Megan
"Enrolled my son in the Arizona K12 program for about a month. I was assured that he would be able to work at his own level because the classes were customizable. This is an absolute lie. My son was breezing through assignments 2 years behind in curri.."
K¹² Review by Suzey D.
"It's not easy. The 7th, 9th, and 11th grade curriculum is extensive, and is designed for students who can move a a relatively fast pace. It's not for dyslexics or learning disabilities. It might work for kids with emotional problems without academic .."
A.C.E. Review by Loreen
"I am homeschooling my 1st grade son this year due to the pandemic. He is on the spectrum with ADHD. He is excelling with the self paced books, plenty of little breaks. It allows me to work with him when he is ready to learn. We are finishing week 2..."
"Content is basic, it is fun for kids, lots of issues using it on an Ipad (lots of glitches and hard to use on Ipads, some minor issues on Laptops), some mispellings/mistakes. If you do not have spare laptops and only have Ipads, please do not use thi.."
ABCmouse Review by Lulu Kwakye
"My child has stopped using ABC mouse since August of 2019. I stopped the subscription then, however, I just saw a charge of $59.99 on my PayPal account. When I went back in the account, it showed active. I canceled the subscription again but the mess.."
ALEKS Review by Michael
"If I ever meet ALEKS in person I'm going to junk punch him! I program and no problems doing math until I met this joke of AI. I literally just sit in class and mess the AI part. at least I'm learning something...To mess with AI. I used to tutor Alge.."
ABCmouse Review by Dmitry Grishin
"I suggest to stay away from ABC mouse. It is very difficult to cancel their substription. But if you cancel they will charge you with triplr mounthy fee. Maybe it is in their policy... but what i am saying is their policy is not friendly to user. The.."
Abeka Review by Mary
"My kids sit for 10 hours with no breaks working on their pointless drawn out videos..."

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