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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

"We used this website for the high school chemistry program. There were multiple problems when we first started. For example, the actual lesson plan was extremely confusing. Instead of making their own lessons, the program rips free chemistry-help vid.."
Acellus/Power Homeschool Review by John Schandelmeier
"I am a homeschool dad working with 4 th grade Acellus. Have to say that the teaching methods used with the math program are pretty ridiculous and not really conductive to a good understanding of the subject matter. Social studies curriculum is ext.."
"I was brought up using the Seton Homeschooling program and while it was fun to use, looking back I have some harsher critiscisms. When I was going through middle school I was not taught any form of reproductive health or Sex Ed at all. I knew THAT s.."
"After we moved to a new area, the local public school couldn't offer the variety and quality of classes our Senior needed, so after researching all the options, we were happy to choose AOA to meet his needs. We love that it is a Christ-centered, qual.."
A Beka Academy Review by Cheryl Theriault
"I have used a beka for two students for 3 years now, grades 1-6th. We’ve done a year of just books and then switched to independent learning via a beka academy. I love it. Yes, they sometimes complain about the length of the videos but they sing al.."
K¹² Review by Cheryl Theriault
"I’ve been homeschooling my two girls for three years now. The first year I used K12 for my 1st grader and bought 2nd hand a beka text books for my 4th grader. I really wanted a structured course for my youngest because I was nervous about doing a .."
"My daughter was enrolled for one month before i put her into a different. Home school program and now they are saying i am responsible for $1000+ payment anyway its a terrible program and waste of money. Anything is better then Keystone..."
"I don't understand all of the negative feedback, our experience has been nothing but positive. Our boys in grades 5th & 7th love the program, they say it's fun & fast. They are engaged in the lessons & doing very well. I've received e.."
"Just received the SOS placement test so I can place my daughter in the computer based curriculum and I have to say I am unimpressed (very) so far with this. Poor instruction (no specific instruction) on how to complete the placement test. Have to set.."
"Be careful in trusting what is being presented. While it is, on paper, an excellent curriculum two things work against LUOA and they are VERY signficiant. First, the workload presented is heavy and it does not foster growth through RIGOR that you mig.."
"Used Liberty for years until they switched curriculum. Once that happened we decided to go to Alpha Omega Academy as they were the creator of the ignitia program Liberty used. Can not say enough about how helpful Alpha Omega Academy has been since th.."
A Beka Review by Wanda and Tom Hart
"ABeka is outstanding fundamental curriculum that creates very smart and motivated kids. I used this for my son K-8. He attended a couple Christians schools who used only ABeka. He went on to a very large Christian HS and was the Valedictorian. Fr.."
Alpha Omega Academy Review by Princess to the King of Kings
"They need to add holidays where work is not scheduled, for at the very least, Christmas and a couple of days during the Spring or Easter. Projects and reports are cumbersome and given right around the same time for all the subjects and scheduled rig.."
"We liked the service and the games; however I have a very bad taste in my mouth due to poor customer service and business practices. We paid for a yearly subscription in December 2017 and then I believe I cancelled so as not to incur unexpected charg.."
"I find this reading/phonics resource absolutely helpful if you have a child starting out who gets easily distracted by visuals or tries to guess the words from pictures. It's laid out simply, with scripted cues for parents and child, with excellent s.."
"my family has been with classical conversations a few years, and while the classical mode of education is quite beneficial with preparing for college, some serious modifications could be made in their curriculum AND tutor training programs. the essen.."
"I use this to teach Biology and Chemistry, as well as upper-level math, and I can't stand it. I love that it is taught from a Christian perspective. However, the material is so anti-secular that some of it is wrong. My degree is in science, I know bi.."
"The curriculum is to the point where they give you exess work for Jo reason. For example, every week in earth science (a freshmen class), the teacher gives you a lab that takes up to 5 hours to figure out. The way it is written is poor, and there is .."
Christian Light Review by Kathryn Calhoun
"Neighbors in Latin America Grade 6: I was so disappointed when I read Chapter 15 about Cuba. My parents are Cuban and along with many other relatives, they left Cuba after Fidel Castro took over. None of my relatives were wealthy. My dad’s uncle o.."
Alpha Omega Academy Review by Robin Liberatore
"We chose Alpha Omega Academy after taking my daughter out of public school. She worked at a faster pace than her classmates and bullying was a huge problem. AOA offers the Christian based curriculum that we were looking for and my daughter is able .."
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