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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Globe and red book with text Homeschool Curriculum ReviewsHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

"I love AOA! My daughter has been there since the 3rd grade. I have nothing but positive things to say about the school. Laci is the best! (She should get a raise!) The teachers are amazing! (except the Spanish teacher) If I was asked to give one pi.."
Florida Virtual School Review by Stephanie Cummons
"Flvs worked great for my daughter that failed 2 classes when the pandemic hit. Her grades fell for at home learning through her school.... 8 hr days on a computer is tiring for a 14 yr old. Out of the 3 classes she's taken the teachers were all super.."
Wild Math Review by Danielle
"I am a huge fan of Wild Math. I'm homeschooling twins (one very studious young lady and one very stubborn, easily distractable young man). I chose Wild Math because we are an outdoorsy family that loves dirt and hands-on fun. Its a perfect fit. Howe.."
"Although I think Aurora is an amazing woman with a great personality, she talk really fast and it can be hard to understand what she's saying. Other than that, I think her program is incredible. She really does hands-on activities and her prices are .."
Abeka Review by Nadia S.
"My kids were having a difficult time with their previous curriculum. They were bored and my youngest in particular was having a difficult time reading. We switched to abeka and they both flourished! They both have come a long way in a very short time.."
BookShark Review by The Morris Homeschool
"It took us a couple of year to finally dive into Bookshark. Our son is in 9th grade this year. We used Level I US History and LA sets. Our son has never been a reader and struggled to stay focused on any book given to him. As with any curriculum .."
"I used this homeschool program 2 years ago (7th grade). It is absolutely terrible. Yeah it's affordable but it doesn't teach you anything. They just give you a pile of work to do but the lessons are so outdated and very stressful. For example, some l.."
IXL Review by Deepti
"Just sharing my bad experience recently I was the part of private whatsapp group of the new users of this app.There is one person [redacted] who manages the payment part of the app. I already transferred him $24 and I dint know I had to send as Famil.."
"Aleks is probably the worst online school website I have ever used in my life and it truly isn’t close.."
ALEKS Review by Joshua Helms
"All ALEKS does is make you stressed out, and makes you waste your time on random topics that we haven't even learned yet. It only helps you find calculators for different subjects. Would not recommend it to any school..."
"Be careful if you sign up for Worldly-wise i3000 subscription as the system is not the original worldly-wise i3000 from worldly wise publisher. The system is poorly made and linked to all kinds of free online resources. Their ad is very misleading..."
"Calvert's curriculum was amazing. Both my son and I learned so much. The teachers were very attentive and ensured my son had a good understanding if he struggled on a concept. We did not have to waste time with meaningless assignments, which gave him.."
"If you do not like logic or critical thinking, RUN. If you think that reading, grammar, and spelling are beneath you or your children, RUN. If you think that passing grades should be arbitrarily handed to your child, RUN. If you want to raise a t.."
Time4Learning Review by Deanna Jones
"I am a homeschooling mom of 8 years. I have a BS in Communication Disorders. I say this because it is relevant to how terrible this program is overall. When an honors graduate from college cannot do a program because they test over information not co.."
"I have just finished Teaching Textbooks’ Pre-Algebra. For anyone like me, who has never tried Algebra before, I can tell you, you’ll learn quickly and easily while using this program. Teaching Textbooks was created by two brothers, Greg Sabouri a.."
"At first we were very excited with Alpha Omega Academy. My son and daughter had just finished their first virtual homeschool year at a public school and we were looking for a Bible Based Curriculum for the following years. After we got started at Alp.."
"I am blown away by all the negative reviews and suspect that a lot of them are politically motivated or from people who did not really take the time to learn how to navigate the program and access the parental resources (for example someone complaine.."
"All of the print courses are misspelled and graded incorrectly. There is no teacher support and no feedback on assignments, how am I supposed to know what’s wrong if I am not told what I’m doing wrong?? English is by far the most difficult, the t.."
"I have used K5 parent led with supplemental streaming videos for my gifted 4 year old. She learned reading within a few weeks and understands basic arithmetic concepts. She loves the colorful work books. We like it so much i bought the full first gra.."
"Wow, I am amazed by all the negative reviews. We opted for Keystone when our 7th grader was bored in a local private school. She had already skipped two grades there and we were afraid the boredom would lead to behavior issues. She was also being.."
A.C.E. Review by Michael Perry
"I used this curriculum for 2.5 years for four kids for these grade levels: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7, 8, 9. From an academic standpoint, the curriculum has many deficits. Science and social studies are the weakest points of the curriculum, because PACE.."
ALEKS Review by brennen stettin
"everyone in my class complains because it takes so long and it gives you the dumbest topics. literally nobody likes this.."
"I have my two children enrolled at Keystone. I was glad to find an online school with flexible school hours and can be done at their own phase. Since we are in the military, it is the only option because we often move in different country. However, i.."
"We are using Acellus for 4 years now. Kids enjoy this program. This curriculum is well structured and grading is done online. One of the great options is the ability to retake the quizzes until passing grade is achieved. Easy and fair grading syst.."
"Acellus is pretty bad. The videos are long and dragged out for no reason. There have been to many times (like almost all the videos) where I didn't even watch the video or stopped watching because it the teachers would often go in circles or I alre.."
Time4Learning Review by Trinity Davis
"I started this program after being in a long term facility in March 2021. IT IS WAYY TOO MUCH STRESS.!!!!!! 100 assignments per class LITERALLY I COUNTED, LONG FREAKING VIDEOS THAT I CAN'T EVEN SKIP THROUGH AND THE MAJORITY OF THE LESSONS ARE HARD FO.."
The Keystone School Review by LeighAnne Yelton
"I am shocked and so disappointed. I enrolled my niece and we are only 3 weeks in and have NO help. This is going to put her behind. I guess we will have to ride this out. But she is going to be 15/16 in the 8th grade! I am devastated..."
MUZZY Review by Rosetta
"Muzzy review by Rosetta M I have tried to use the Italian version of Muzzy for my preschoolers. Although it is paced well and has a good approach to vocabulary and phrasing for young children, The con tent is inappropriate. The storylines are d.."
Abeka Review by Rose
"I want to cry. It's a lot of work. I somehow manage to keep up. I don't really have time to hang out with friends and work on other things besides school. It's stressful and unless you hate your kid or they can handle it I won't do Abeka..."
Abeka Review by Rachael
"I tried to buy accredited materials for my child, I was told I could not due to an age restriction, then I was told I could request a waiver, I was yelled at by someone in the Solutions Department and was told I am not allowed to purchase curriculum .."
Abeka Review by Kelsey Haldeman
"I most likely will never use again. If I do it would be Unaccredited. I did accredited K5 and the grading scale broke my child’s spirit. I stopped showing him his grades during 4th grading period because he told me “I can’t get an A momma I’l.."
K¹² Review by Angry Student
"I currently attend online school, and honestly I haven't been impressed. Geometry has taken me through a billion things that aren't even really classified as geometry, history (honors) doesn't stick to a timeline whatsoever (we keep jumping around an.."
A.C.E. Review by Shanea
"A.c.e. pace curriculum.."
ALEKS Review by Becca
"This website is HORRIBLE! All it teaches you is how to find different calculators for different things! It glitches a lot, and it just makes you feel bad! It takes me 30 minutes just to do 1 topic!.."
"Time Four learning is a bad learning program. It had evolution theories all over, and the science curriculum changed in the middle of the year. My fifth grade kids are doing seventh grade science. The classes are long and somewhat boring. It takes fo.."
"its super hard and stfressful.."
Abeka Academy Review by April Meadows
"We have used Abeka for one full year. My daughter is in 1st-grade, and my son 6th-grade, and they both love it. It is amazing how much more my son has learned this year versus his years in public school. This curriculum is perfect for our family. We .."
"Overall AAR is a good homeschool reading curriculum that covers ALL areas of reading, but I would say that many of the stories or activities could be boring, dull or predictable. Wouldn’t be one of my top recommendations..."
Time4Learning Review by Barbrania V. Bobshtewert
"this app/website [is] super glitchy my son will do something and it dont show up he has screenshots showing proof he completed it.."
"Abeka is a good quality Christian Education. Reading through some of the negative reviews, I wondered why some decided to choose a Christian education. They do teach cursive writing which is wonderful, considering all of the important historical doc.."
"We used the accredited program for my 6th grader. There is no room for flexibility, the videos move very fast, seemingly faster than if she were in a traditional setting. My daughter has to work a bit harder in Math. There is no way to slow down .."
Abeka Review by kaylie f.
"if there were stars i would give 3 and a half but the only good teacher i see is ms amy amsbaugh!.."
"Well, I realize it's inexpensive and mine liked the "no zoom" format with just prerecorded videos. Frankly, my high schooler got nothing out of the courses he took and when I watched some videos with him, I realized there wasn't much content. I'd p.."
"Speaks very fast and difficult to follow for SEN child. Not straightforward to use as advertised and unfortunately no reply to any emails..."
Video Text Math Review by Joseph E Wissel
"My daughter found this program to be limited in the video teaching and the practice problems were different from what was used as the example. Several calls needed to be made for help in understanding. Also, there were not enough problems for pract.."
ABCmouse Review by ginny burks
"ABC mouse is a waste of time and money. My daughter is in kindergarten and it did nothing to help her..."
"hi im a student at abeka and i used to do public school i got average grades but my grades have drop so much my stress levels have gone up and they dont do things the simple way its a pain to keep up with all the work our books got sent in late we h.."
Calvert Review by darcy gasparovic
"After seeing other online platforms (2) in action I think it important to give credit where credit is due. Calvert Academy is leagues ahead of the other schools my daughter attended. The back up person to person support is fantastic. The knowledge t.."
"The ABEKA curriculum has good intentions in their teaching, but it is very flawed, in my own opinion. The Bible classes are fairly good. They base their teachings on God's Word, and are straightforward with topics like salvation and such. however .."
ABCmouse Review by Sandra
"Why are all the kids featured white?.."

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