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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

by Mary Ann Kelley
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Overwhelmed by the huge quantity of curriculum available and not sure where to start? Find out what you should consider when choosing the best homeschool curriculum for your family, then find out what other homeschoolers think of various products using the dropdown lists above.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Add your own review by selecting a resource from the publisher drop down menu or by browsing the categories and choosing a resource. You will be taken to the review page for that resource where you can let us know how it worked for your family.

Recent Reviews

"This is our first year with LUOA and it will probably be our last if I can find something else. The errors in the curriculum are just ridiculous. I have two children, one in middle school and one in elementary school and I have reported countless e.."
ALEKS Review by Felicia
"I could not be more confused by the negative reviews I see on this website. is a fabulous curriculum for homeschoolers to utilize.I have used Aleks for three years with a son who struggles with math and we have seen almost unbelievable.."
"I have used Saxon math for both of my daughters since they were in early elementary school. I love Saxon, and my daughters have understood math and tested very high on their standardized tests...until we came upon their Advanced Mathematics curriculu.."
"My husband and I are very pleased with Alpha Omega Academy. Their team has a heart for serving and is very supportive. My son's counselors and advisors are caring and willing to extensively work with him to achieve realistic goals and help him stay o.."
A Beka Review by xiomara Gonzalez
"This is the first year we used Abeka online streaming, unfortunately my kids detest this ciriculum. The amount of quizes and homeworks is excessive and the videos are super boring and old fashioned. Also, one of my kids teacher died years ago but Ab.."
ALEKS Review by frustrated
"Literally a downgrade from khan academy. Nothing special about it, explanations are so poor they're asking for welfare, the most time-consuming topics I've ever seen, not even worth making the free account.."
"This is our 3rd year enrolling our children in Alpha Omega Academy. The teachers and staff are so caring and knowledgeable. When one of our children has a question about missing a problem, the teachers go out of their way to give a detailed explanati.."
ALEKS Review by John
"its just aggravating.."
"I'm seventeen and I have been doing this homeschooling program since I was in 6th grade! It's not that bad but there are a few cons about it, like: There are to many quizzes each week and they fit to many things into each section before the TEST. Mos.."
"When I checked it out, Spelling City is not free. A family subscription is $35 and a teacher subscription is $70 for 25 students. I can't figure out how to get it free yet I see multiple reviews here that say it is. Any help appreciated. Need free sp.."
ALEKS Review by Jacob
"It sucks it glitches you have to be on WiFi you can’t do it out in your car or something ele.."
"Although I am not a mom I would like to give an honest review of LUOA. I am in 10th grade right now,16 years old, and half way through the semester. I have very bad social anxiety that was making normal school a nightmare for me even at a private sch.."
"Over the last 5+ years, our family has been directly connected with AOA and utilized their resources. We have been exceptionally appreciative of the biblical-worldview impact on the overall curriculum. The administration, staff, classroom, and inte.."
"My family has been using the Calvert homeschool curriculum, grades 3 and 5, for the 2018-19 school year for almost 2 months now, and I am ready to throw what there is of it in the trash and start again. We will not be using it again next year. A litt.."
"My son is in 8th grade and this is our first year with Alpha Omega Academy. My husband and I have been very pleased. It is so easy to navigate and I really like the curriculum. I am also very pleased with weekly and bi- weekly emails from all the te.."
"This is our first semester doing online high school through Alpha Omega. My son was in private school K-8, and has made the transition well. The program is pretty rigorous, but definitely engaging. He spends about 4 to 5 hours a day on schoolwork, an.."
"We just completed our first semester at AOA. Grades 8,8 and 6. This has been a very well paced and self explanatory program for my boys. I have appreciated their prompt responses and easy to use programs.Mona V..."
"We just started with AOA this year and so far we are very pleased with this program. My homeschooled daughter is doing well and keeping pace with the assignments. Occasionally she lands several quizzes on the same day but otherwise the pacing seems.."
Alpha Omega Academy Review by SHEILA G PARKER
"I have been homeschooling my children since 1999. I have used multiple programs for the 3 of them. I am homeschooling my last child now. She is a senior and will graduate Spring 2019. We began using Alpha Omega Ignitia in her sophomore year. I w.."
"Alpha Omega Academy is a true blessing! Everyone who works for the academy is very nice and helpful all the time. My son is in the 4th grade and loves his online school. I have always homeschooled my son and this is the first year of trying online s.."
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