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Homeschooling 101: 6 Steps To Get Started Homeschooling

by Mary Ann Kelley

New to homeschooling?

Although the idea of getting ready to start homeschooling can be overwhelming, know that you can do it. Learning takes place all the time, and just as your child learned to walk and talk with you as their teacher, they can continue to learn at home in a relaxed, loving environment. Homeschooling is not public school at home. As Rebecca Capuano says in her post about the differences between public school and home education, “It is a completely different way of thinking about education, and a completely different way of approaching education. It is teaching tailored specifically to individual children rather than according to a standardized set of guidelines or curriculum for the masses. And because of this individualization, home education is effective by virtue of the fact that it does not have to look like the public school classroom.”

The best way to consider the choice to homeschool and to begin to make choices about curriculum is to look at the big picture first, then funnel down to the smaller topics. Rebecca’s advice to new homeschoolers is a great place to start reading, along with our series about the benefits of homeschooling. If your children are currently in school and you will be bringing them home, deschooling is an important consideration.

When you are ready, the 6 steps below will guide you through the homeschooling process.

Get Started Homeschooling: Step 1 - Know your state's legal requirementsGet Started Homeschooling: Step 2 - Locate local activities and nearby homeschoolersGet Started Homeschooling: Step 3 - Explore available homeschooling methodsGet Started Homeschooling: Step 4 - Find your learning resourcesGet Started Homeschooling: Step 5 - Attend book fairs, conferences & eventsGet Started Homeschooling: Step 6 - Incorporate your support network



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